New list

I’ll come back to you on that.

Old list

Email: Gmail + Outlook 2010
Writing: Word 2010 + vim + notepad++
Presentations: Powerpoint 2010 + ZoomIt
Calendar: Google Calendar
Micro blog: Twitter + Yammer
Backup: dropbox
File version control: git
Feeds: Google Reader
Blog: Windows live writer + WordPress + Blogspot
Bookmarks: Chrome synced synced bookmarks
Notes: Evernote
Drawing: Photoshop + Illustrator +
Vídeos: vlc
Audio: itunes
Browser: Google Chrome + Firefox
PC troubleshoot: Hirens boot cd
Anti spyware: Ccleaner + Ad-aware
Anti-vírus: Microsoft Security essentials
Maps: Google Earth + Live Maps + Google Maps
Virtual drive: Virtual Clone Drive
Pictures: Picasa + Picasa albuns + Flickr
Printing big: Rasterbator
Downloads: uTorrent
Alt + Tab: Task Switch XP
KVM : Synergy 2
System info: Speccy


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