Fanatics in tech

There’s a lot of fanaticism in tech. “That operating system sucks” “That editor sucks” “That programming language sucks”. There is a lot of suckage! It doesn’t help that software developers are trained to follow rules. So every time there is a decision to be made and no clear rule, they just go wild.

Many years ago, a teacher of mine asked a question and said the answer was the thing software developers are more afraid to hear:

It depends!

A teacher

At the time I didn’t get it, but now it’s quite clear. Almost everything is a trade-off.

It’s a bit like people complaining that a truck sucks and you should buy a fast car.

Sounds and music to listen (and watch) while working

Have you ever worked with a TV next to you and it’s relaxing? That’s why I put videos running on the background (or third screen) while I work. I rarely look at them and when I do, I don’t get distracted.

I especially like music from games and rain. Just rain or people walking in the rain and I live in Luxembourg. Go figure.

Sometimes I stream some races or some gamer playing without sound, but not at work because this can distract.

Only 2 things are infinite. The universe and this girl’s homework. I’m not sure about the universe.

Fos Roh dah!

I’m back baby!

It’s been a while… The last post was about 7 years ago. Next year I’ll be living in Luxembourg for 10 years. Since then I got married, had a son and bought a house.

This blog was a sort of point of contact with my culture. But now I don’t miss Portuguese culture anymore. I still miss my friends and family in Portugal and many many things there, but I like it more here.

I don’t feel in no man’s land though, when someone is an expat (fancy name for immigrant), he or she gets another perspective. It’s like watching the world through 2 different cultures.

And there were some things I did because of my friends, like watching and playing soccer. I completely cut off of that. I also stopped riding motor bikes or go-kart, but I miss those. On the other hand, I sort of got more intense about other stuff like technology (yeah, more) and cars.

I basically got the itch again because I have private blog where I write posts to my son and it came to this blog by mistake. I started reading the posts and it was nice.

So I thought of starting blogging again if not to preserve memories and thoughts.

But mainly, it will be tech related.

Mais um bug estranho

A semana passada troquei 2 gráficas que tinha por uma nova. A nova (MSI GTX 770 Lightning) parece mãe das outras 2.

2013-08-14 19.46.30

Até aqui nada de especial, andava todo contente a jogar. Mas ontem começou a acontecer algo muito… iritante. BSODs, ecrãs azuis e eu a ter de reiniciar o pc! O mais estranho é que já tinha a gráfica há uma semana.

Verifiquei os erros no event viewer, tentei resolver algumas coisas, tirar e meter grafica e discos, mas nada resultava. Gráfica avariada?? O pc funcionava algum tempo e estourava. Então comecei a tirar nota de quando parava:

  • 14:05
  • 15:09
  • 16:14
  • 17:16

Estourava praticamente a cada hora! Uma pesquisa no google e encontrei isto:

Atualizei o firmware do disco e está como novo, nõ estava relacionado com a gráfica! Conclusão: quando acontecem coincidências é muito pior para dar com o problema.