Melhores jogos de 2013

Este jogos não saíram em 2013, mas joguei-os este ano.

Elder scrolls: Skyrim: Matar dragões, descobrir um mundo gigante cheio de mistérios. Quase que sentia o frio nas orelhas ao subir as montanhas geladas. Acho que tirando o céu, consigo aceder a todas as áreas do mapa. 


Dark souls: Este é provavelmente o jogo mais difícil que já joguei. O foco é no combate e o que parece masoquismo. Aqui quando vejo uma ponte completamente vazia, começo a ficar com um nervoso miudinho porque sítios grandes vazios costumam ser frequentados por bichos grandes.

Quando se domina o combate é que o jogo começa. O jogo torna-se físico e tenho de estar relaxado a combater. Fico meio zen. Isso até calcar alguma armadilha ou ser bombardeado com setas. Aí zen já não descreve o que sinto. Aqueles arqueiros em Anor Londo…


Don’t starve: Este é um jogo de sobrevivência. Tenho de me manter quente, arranjar comida, não ficar louco e se morro perco tudo e tenho de começar do zero! Posso tosquiar búfalos! Só por isso vale a pena.dontstarve

Portal 2: Tenho de resolver puzzles com uma arma que cria portais. Muito bom!


Guild Wars 2: Este é um mmo. Que é como quem diz, posso tirar um ano de férias e mesmo assim não chego ao “fim” do jogo. Eu gostei  do GW2, as inovações que adicionaram são boas mas algumas coisas tiraram um pouco a piada ao jogo para mim:

  • A história morre quando metem umas figuras estranhas em 3d e se sai do ambiente onde se está;
  • Se for para uma zona de nível mais baixo, o meu nível também desce;
  • Não tem mounts (cavalinhos, coisas que voem, etc.)

Eu percebo porque fizeram todas estas decisões, mas prefiro jogos mais convencionais nestes aspectos. De resto está mesmo muito bom!


Os jogos que estou à espera este ano: Battlefield 4 e Dark souls 2.

De fora ficaram muitos que testei. Já não encontro um jogo de carros que goste há uns tempos. E o mesmo para estratégia. Até vou jogando mas não impressionam como a lista acima.


Eu nem queria vender, só queria saber quanto davam por eles. Mas quando chego e baixo as calças o homem saca da caçadeira! Na mesma terra disto.

P.S.:Basicamente mudei o blog outra vez para português só para poder mandar esta seca… Tinha de tirá-la do sistema.

Camino di Assisi: free guide inside!

In the summer of 2012 Andreia and I went for a little stroll of 300Km. It took us 12 days.

Day 00

We ate in a little restaurant and there were only 3 other persons around. Very cosy.

In the hostel we found Veronika, she was the only person also doing the walk at the same time as us. The hostel was very hot.

Day 01

Along the way we got a credential stamped. While we waited for a mass to finish, we could look around:

2012-08-23 08.47.12

At night, we stayed in a refuge (from a Brazilian named Sílvia). We are Portuguese, so the coincidence was interesting.

She had cats, dogs, chickens, bees, honey, raspberries, flowers. A very nice farm. She makes onion jam and homemade pesto.

Day 02

2012-08-24 19.24.04

As usual, walking through the nature is great. We stayed in a agro/horsey tourism place. We went to a river close to it and before going to sleep we laid down on the grass in front of our bungalow.

The food was great. It was the first day that we ate bread without salt. Very nice!

Day 03

2012-08-24 08.19.04

We started the day with a strong climb. The views made us feel as if we were inside a postcard. We had done a considerable walk and by that time everything was tasting better.

When we reached the town where we stayed the night, I noticed a boy studying math in a coffee house in a Saturday afternoon in August. Am I the only one finding this unlikely?

We ate in a little nice restaurant. We had “pizza bread” for starters and banana liquor for… dessert. And with a view to the mountains.

Day 04

2012-08-26 08.04.54

The day started with a big storm. The last time it rained was two months before.

We had to stop. We found a refuge called S. Agostino where local boy scouts were doing a show about The Lord of the Rings. They gave us hot chocolate together with a private show.

In the afternoon the weather was good but it got really foggy because of the previous heavy rain.

Andreia and Veronika:

2012-08-26 14.14.30

Almost reaching the highest point of the journey:

2012-08-26 14.45.54

Day 05

This day was very hard. We were lost for about 2 hours. The maps were not the best and it shouldn’t be hard to find a better colour than green for the arrows in the woods.

To compensate, the three of us drank 1.5l of wine for dinner. Very nice!


Day 06

We reached La Verna. But before that we went through a fascinating forest just below La Verna.

The pictures I took are not good enough to represent the place. It’s like an enchanted wood with tall trees. It’s a really isolated place. When we were exiting the forest, we went down some little steps next to a closed gate with a big lock. It was like we were coming from a secret passage.

After La Verna we met an old lady from Alaska that was travelling alone. She was going to sleep next to a creepy empty church in the middle of the woods.

La Verna:

2012-08-28 10.51.25

Day 07

2012-08-29 15.20.02

The straight roads were very long. The maps had bugs again. One time the river appeared on the wrong side.

We found a truck selling fruits. While we bought the fruit we found out that the daughter of one of the old men sitting close studied in Portugal. People are always very friendly in these little places.

Tobacco leafs drying:

2012-08-29 15.17.34

Day 08

2012-08-27 17.01.06

Not the best of days. It’s a good idea to stay at the Somaia refuge instead of going directly to the next refuge. There are no shades and a lot of tar roads.

To reach our refuge we started moving faster at the end of the day. Not a good idea. Andreia injured her knee and I injured my Achilles’ heel.

Day 09

2012-08-31 10.53.30

It was raining a lot! And we had to recover, but we didn’t want to lose the day. So the master plan:

  1. Wake up.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

And by ??? I mean, we took a bus. The bus driver was crazy! He was singing while driving, telling people to get close to him so that he could talk to them. He described the history of the place, complained about the politics, talked about his family. You name it!

Day 10

The fucking hunters day. I hate hunters… They go into those little holes in the ground and start shooting. We could hear guns from all sides. It was not relaxing.

We arrived in Gubbio. Beautiful place. Truffles are found by pigs in this region, so at night we ate some. Not the expensive ones, but not cheap either.

2012-09-01 13.22.55

We saw a Pandamyc. Fiat Pandas everywhere! One time we saw 5 of them in a row waiting for a green light.

During all this time I had no internet access and couldn’t feel the difference between the weekend and the other days. My phone sometimes would show me notifications of meetings that I should go if I was working. They were like little memories from another life where I had responsibilities and boring stuff to do.

Day 11

2012-09-02 13.18.30

We walked through a swamp with a post apocalyptic look and we reached a little village where we assisted to the Palio. It’s a party where there are games played by guys on  horse.

The locals are really supportive of their teams and the winning team partied all night.

2012-09-02 18.21.46

Day 12

The final day. In these journeys, the end feels more like a pause until the next one. Even so, it’s a great feeling!

Zig-zagging to the finish line:

2012-09-03 10.37.32

And here it is San Francisco di Assisi:

2012-09-03 11.51.57

Miscellaneous pictures

2012-08-24 08.17.06

2012-08-25 09.08.12

A lake:

2012-08-26 14.41.07


2012-08-27 15.38.03

“Don’t take the dogs with you! pretty please.”:

2012-08-27 17.17.44

“Danger! Do not cross during mating season!”:

2012-08-30 12.12.06

“A cat”:

2012-08-28 08.12.28

2012-08-28 12.55.10

That is a big log right there:

2012-08-28 11.52.49

Here too:


Michaelangelo’s masterpiece in his hometown Caprese:

2012-08-29 08.31.05

WC stop:

2012-08-29 09.31.20

The same lake:

2012-08-29 13.25.17

Duck crossing:

2012-09-02 06.49.21

2012-09-02 07.08.16

Bonus Picture

2012-09-04 15.15.27

Bonus picture: San Marino, not very far from San Francisco di Assisi


What worked for us: Go light, practice before with the shoes you are going to take, stretch when you finish the walk and use a decent map. It’s a free guide, what did you expect?

And this is how our honeymoon went.

Demanding to pay a fine (the volgon way)

So today I got a registered letter from my old university saying that I need to pay a fine of 4.5€. It seems I did not pay something on time in 2005. To register a letter they pay about 2€. So to get a profit of 2.5€ they did the following:

  • Someone updated a document with my name.
  • Printed the document.
  • Some supervisor signed it.
  • Someone delivered the letter to the post office.

If I don’t pay they will cancel the year, but I already have a certificate saying I have the degree. So they gave me a diploma without checking pending debts and 5 years (!!) later they send a letter that someone signed (not me) demanding to pay a fine.

Yeah… I’m going to sleep on it.