Why I thing Deno is great

Deno is a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. Its main function is to build servers based on the Chrome V8. The objective is to be a better Node.

Both Node and Deno originated from the same guy, Ryan Dahl.

Ryan has a good eye for trade-offs. That is why Deno is written in Rust and uses a package manager strategy similar to Go. And the objective for Deno is to be able to develop in JavaScript / TypeScript / Rust.

Why all this “mess”?

The idea is to start developing fast with JavaScript, add TypeScript to make it more secure and finally swap the critical areas to Rust.

And as a bonus, “deno” is “node” sorted alphabetically:

"node".split("").sort().join("") // deno

There’s a possibility of Deno not going very far because Node is good enough and widely used. Or because the node libraries become more performant and safe, so they convert to TypeScript and Rust and the need for improving the code base is reduced. IIRC, this happened a bit with Cython, the fast python.

For now I’m cautiously optimistic.

Fanatics in tech

There’s a lot of fanaticism in tech. “That operating system sucks” “That editor sucks” “That programming language sucks”. There is a lot of suckage! It doesn’t help that software developers are trained to follow rules. So every time there is a decision to be made and no clear rule, they just go wild.

Many years ago, a teacher of mine asked a question and said the answer was the thing software developers are more afraid to hear:

It depends!

A teacher

At the time I didn’t get it, but now it’s quite clear. Almost everything is a trade-off.

It’s a bit like people complaining that a truck sucks and you should buy a fast car.

Sounds and music to listen (and watch) while working

Have you ever worked with a TV next to you and it’s relaxing? That’s why I put videos running on the background (or third screen) while I work. I rarely look at them and when I do, I don’t get distracted.

I especially like music from games and rain. Just rain or people walking in the rain and I live in Luxembourg. Go figure.

Sometimes I stream some races or some gamer playing without sound, but not at work because this can distract.

Only 2 things are infinite. The universe and this girl’s homework. I’m not sure about the universe.

Fos Roh dah!

I’m back baby!

It’s been a while… The last post was about 7 years ago. Next year I’ll be living in Luxembourg for 10 years. Since then I got married, had a son and bought a house.

This blog was a sort of point of contact with my culture. But now I don’t miss Portuguese culture anymore. I still miss my friends and family in Portugal and many many things there, but I like it more here.

I don’t feel in no man’s land though, when someone is an expat (fancy name for immigrant), he or she gets another perspective. It’s like watching the world through 2 different cultures.

And there were some things I did because of my friends, like watching and playing soccer. I completely cut off of that. I also stopped riding motor bikes or go-kart, but I miss those. On the other hand, I sort of got more intense about other stuff like technology (yeah, more) and cars.

I basically got the itch again because I have private blog where I write posts to my son and it came to this blog by mistake. I started reading the posts and it was nice.

So I thought of starting blogging again if not to preserve memories and thoughts.

But mainly, it will be tech related.