The failed cooking app that made millions

Some months ago I had to research Elastic Search. Its a search engine but to put inside apps. Sort of.

During my research I found the origin of the product:

At the time, I was a newlywed that just moved to London to support my wife with her dream of becoming a chef. I was unemployed, and desperately in need of a job, so I decided to play around with “new age” technologies in order to get my skills more up­to­date. Playing around with new technologies only works when you are actually trying to build something, so I decided to build an app that my wife could use to capture all the cooking knowledge she was gathering during her chef lessons.

I picked many different technologies for this cooking app, but at the core of it, in my mind, was a single search box where the cooking knowledge experience would start a single box where typing a concept, a thought, or an ingredient would start the path towards exploring what was possible.

I got completely hooked with the project, and was working on it more than the cooking app itself, up to a point where it was taking most of my time.

Oh, and btw, my wife is still waiting for that cooking app.


Not bad for a company making $70 million in annual revenue growing 70% year over year.

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