I’m back baby!

It’s been a while… The last post was about 7 years ago. Next year I’ll be living in Luxembourg for 10 years. Since then I got married, had a son and bought a house.

This blog was a sort of point of contact with my culture. But now I don’t miss Portuguese culture anymore. I still miss my friends and family in Portugal and many many things there, but I like it more here.

I don’t feel in no man’s land though, when someone is an expat (fancy name for immigrant), he or she gets another perspective. It’s like watching the world through 2 different cultures.

And there were some things I did because of my friends, like watching and playing soccer. I completely cut off of that. I also stopped riding motor bikes or go-kart, but I miss those. On the other hand, I sort of got more intense about other stuff like technology (yeah, more) and cars.

I basically got the itch again because I have private blog where I write posts to my son and it came to this blog by mistake. I started reading the posts and it was nice.

So I thought of starting blogging again if not to preserve memories and thoughts.

But mainly, it will be tech related.

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